20190303krasnmeriaIn Krasnoyarsk, on the night from March 2 to March 3, unknown persons attacked the building of city administration with the Molotov cocktails. The attack was carried out in anticipation of the beginning of the Universiade, and also it coincided with the arrival of Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately, the attackers were detained.

But the fact that more and more people understand that the only language in which you can talk with the authorities is the language of force, and only by direct action we can achieve something — is good news.

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irpgfIn 2012, forces associated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party in Northern Syria successfully ousted the authorities of the Assad regime. As a result, an autonomous territory emerged, claiming to build self-government in the wake of Murray Bukchin’s ideas. In recent years, a significant number of anarchists from different countries of the world went on a long journey to this region - Rozhava, to help the revolution with arms. Thus a new (well forgotten old) phenomenon was born . Its name is an anarchist with a gun.

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