08032020 8march turksellWe received by mail a revolutionary greeting on March 8 from the Kiev comrades. We publish their message and video of the attack.

We have set fire to the tower of Turkish operator Lifecell / Turkcell because the company supports Erdogan's violent policy against the anti-authoritarian movement in Kurdistan.

On the night of March 8 to 9, we send a fiery hello to all the women fighters in Rojava, Bakur and Bashur. Hello YJA STAR, YPJ, IFB and other volunteer volunteers! Erdogan, a Turkish dictator, "damn brother and
comrade," must die.

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guer anarch support baseGuerilla anarchism is not a populist ideology and practice-it will never be a popular one either.

Guerilla anarchism is built on, sustained by and shielded by networks of support, not organic communities within capitalism. It will always be a minoritarian tendency even within anarchist thought, nevermind within capitalist society.

Despite this it plays an indispensable role in the formation and maintenance of the anarchist movement and the insurrectionary process of revolution. It forms the defence groups of the anarchist movement, its funding sources, a key propaganda tool and the forces of attack.

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