In continuation of the news about the shelling of Goloseevsky court of Kiev. The anarchists, who took responsibility for the action, sent us a more detailed communiqué, where they once again talk about the reasons that prompted them to act.

gol sudOne of the windows of
Holosiivskyi courthouse.

The time has come to elaborate further on our attack on Holosiivskyi district court in Kiev.

Among the commentaries on the attack, we’ve read more than once that some people don’t understand our motives. They don't get how does Azat Miftakhov’s arrest in Moscow have anything to do with a courthouse in Kiev. We'll try to explain, because it’s important to get this seemingly obvious message across.

sud.12.03.2019On the morning of March 12th, police reported an attack on a courthouse.

The night before, we, Kiev anarchists, undertook an action in support of Azat Miftahov, who was arrested in Moscow.

Once in prison, captive of the punitive system, our comrades should know about the support, usually expressed through concerts, pickets, letters. But even more important is knowing that the struggle continues, knowing that their actions were actually right and reasonable. Whether or not Azat has something to do with explosives and other episodes – he’s guilty in the eyes of the State, as anyone who calls himself/herself an anarchist is guilty in its eyes, and therefore must be punished.

20190303krasnmeriaIn Krasnoyarsk, on the night from March 2 to March 3, unknown persons attacked the building of city administration with the Molotov cocktails. The attack was carried out in anticipation of the beginning of the Universiade, and also it coincided with the arrival of Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately, the attackers were detained.

But the fact that more and more people understand that the only language in which you can talk with the authorities is the language of force, and only by direct action we can achieve something — is good news.

inA few words about the fate of the Chekists. An assassination attempt was made on the head of the Center for Countering Extremism (CPE) in the Republic of Ingushetia Ibragim Eljarkiev. On January 12, when he entered Ingushetia from Chechnya along the federal highway, a few kilometers from the border post between Ingushetia and Chechnya, his car was attacked. Cops were attacked with automatic weapons, as a result of which 17 bullets hit their car. Unfortunately, the Ibragim Eljarkiev himself did not suffer, but three police officers who were with him were injured. At present, they have been delivered to the intensive care unit of the clinical hospital in Nazran, their condition is assessed as grave.

Ataka Kiev190918 for artAt night, on September 19, 2018, anarchists attacked the center for training of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees.

The training center is located 500 meters from Boryspilskaya Street, in the forest, in the Darnytskyi district of the city of Kiev. In the center there are pistol and automatic shooting galleries, an obstacle course, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a field for mini-football, training rooms, as well as a structure where groups of capture are practiced.

Anarchists made 2 fire areas in different places of the terriroty and left a message: "Destroy the Ministry of Internal Affairs".

panov arkhangelskAt 8:52 am, at the entrance to the FSB Directorate for the Arkhangelsk Region, an explosion took place. The anarchist rebel, Zhlobitsky Mikhail Vasilyevich, also known on the app Telegram as Valerian Panov, blew himself up. This is the first case of anarchists carrying out such an attack on the FSB in 19 years; the previous attack was organized in 1999 at the reception of the FSB in Moscow by the «New Revolutionary Alternative» organization.

The comrade died as a result of the explosion, also causing injuries of varying severity to three officers of the FSB.

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