20200727 nova molod police carsOn the night of July 27, 2020 we have set fire to police transport of National Police vehicle establishment. Through this attack we want to draw attention to the fact that we can only defeat police terror if we overthrow the whole existing social order. Since the State hinges solely on police terror.

And it’s the same everywhere, all over the world. There are no good cops or democratic police. There’s only the blue wall of silence, killed innocents and protection of corporate interests for those in power. We just have it in a rougher manner. Because they know their total impunity.

20200609 sledkom kiev tushat.mp4This message and the video about anarchist direct action in Kyiv, Ukraine «Anarchist Fighter» received by e-mail from the group “Smelchaki” (Brave ones).

On the night of June 10, 2020 the building of Criminal Investigations Department (Kyiv, 25, Naberezhne highway) was attacked by petrol bomb.

The other day appalling news came from Kagarlyk, Ukraine, where on the night of May 24, police officers assaulted and raped a woman who had been summoned as a witness. The details – policemen put a gas mask on a woman, handcuffed her and shot from their duty weapons above her head - flashed around the nation.

08032020 8march turksellWe received by mail a revolutionary greeting on March 8 from the Kiev comrades. We publish their message and video of the attack.

We have set fire to the tower of Turkish operator Lifecell / Turkcell because the company supports Erdogan's violent policy against the anti-authoritarian movement in Kurdistan.

On the night of March 8 to 9, we send a fiery hello to all the women fighters in Rojava, Bakur and Bashur. Hello YJA STAR, YPJ, IFB and other volunteer volunteers! Erdogan, a Turkish dictator, "damn brother and
comrade," must die.

received 738933039845833In the night of January 26 the excavator «Atlant» construction company in Novosilki village, Kyiv region, was burned down. This developer had cut the trees in Teremki natural site. This fact was reported by local civil activists and media. The group of Nature defenders declares:

You cut the trees for your construction and damaged a part of Holosiyv National Park. We will destroy your property and a property of actors like you further on. The reason is that only language you understand is the one of force and fire. So you, and scum like you, will hear this voice.

sabotage Kyiv"Anarchist fighter" web crew got the email about one more sabotage arson against cell-tower in Kyiv region. Look at the video below.

Anarchist sites report that in recent months in Donetsk and Kiev region base stations (aka towers) of mobile operators were attacked 4 times. Behind the attacks are mostly anarchists.

The first attack was to blow up the base station of the Phoenix operator. Then it was reported that two Lifecell towers were set on fire. December 10, 2019 it was reported about the arson of the mobile base station “Vodafone Ukraine”.

GostomelUkrainian media report that cell-tower burned by anarchists on December 10 belonged to another operator, Vodafone, not Lifecell. If it is true then it's likely that comrades made a mistake in scouting. We hope they will take a lesson from this experience. At the same time we need to stress: even if it was the hit of the wrong target - nobody suffered from it except from huge capitalists of Vodafone. No reason for regrets. Struggle continues.

By December 10 "Anarchist Fighter" received message as follows:

lifecellAnarchist Fighter received radical solidarity news from Kyiv region. We publish the statement of the comrades fully:

In October 2019 the Turkish state invaded Northern Syria. The target of their aggression was Democratic Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava). By the fault of rulers blood is being shed again and peacful people are suffering and dying. The goal of the president of Turkey Erdogan is to destroy revolutionary Autonomy of Syrian Kurds. Revolutionaries of Kurdistan build a society of stateless popular self-management. And Rojava became an example and model for Kurds in Turkey. That is why «Turkish sultan» started a war.

anarh bomb atak donetsk oct2019On the Sunday morning, October 27, 2019, an explosion occurred in the Proletarsky district of Donetsk. The mobile communications tower of the Phoenix operator was blown up. The civilian population was not injured, but the equipment was destroyed. An explosive device was landed under a booth with equipment and triggered remotely. The people who committed the explosion published a video of the action.

20191031 vyshnevoeOn the night of 31 October 2019, we, the anarchists of Kyiv, attacked a police station in the town of Vishnyovoe, Kyiv region (address: 22 Balukova Street). Having found a hidden approach to the parking lot, we used Molotovs to destroy police vehicles.

The police are an instrument of violence in the hands of the State. We can hear that the Ukrainian police have become “better” since the reform. When drunk policemen killed a 5-year-old child in Pereyaslav-Khemnitsky on 3 June 2019, they showed us what all these reforms cost.

Shies communardSeptember 15, 2019 residents of ecological resistance camp at Shies Station in the Arkhangelsk region announced the establishment of the Commune. Local residents and people from all over the country who stand in solidarity with them try to stop the building of a huge landfill. The protest became known nationwide after several confrontations had taken place between environmentalist and security forces, which the camp has withstood. Moreover, in early summer the construction equipment was removed and all the work was suspended.

However, to this day constant clashes are taking place with thugs from private security company “Garant Bezopasnosti”, hired by the developer “TechnoPark”.

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