inA few words about the fate of the Chekists. An assassination attempt was made on the head of the Center for Countering Extremism (CPE) in the Republic of Ingushetia Ibragim Eljarkiev. On January 12, when he entered Ingushetia from Chechnya along the federal highway, a few kilometers from the border post between Ingushetia and Chechnya, his car was attacked. Cops were attacked with automatic weapons, as a result of which 17 bullets hit their car. Unfortunately, the Ibragim Eljarkiev himself did not suffer, but three police officers who were with him were injured. At present, they have been delivered to the intensive care unit of the clinical hospital in Nazran, their condition is assessed as grave.

Very entertaining and not surprising at all the fact that over the past few years, the Ingush CPE has become known for its torture and one murder committed by its employees. Their guilt was proved by the court. It was the first time when employees of one of the most influential security forces in the Caucasus were convicted: five operatives of the Center for Economic Aid Leadership, headed by the former chief, Timur Khamkhoev, as well as the head of the district department (also a former employee of the Central Aesthetic Center) and an operative of the FSB OBZKS. The criminal list includes suffocation, torture by electric current, extortion, blackmail and Khamkhoev's use of a fake diploma in law. None of the defendants pleaded guilty, they called the investigation biased and asked them to justify.

As a result, the terms requested by the prosecution were reduced but court sent all these cops to jail. The honorary place of the head of the Center for Center of Economic Activity took Ibrahim Eljarkiev but situation with torture in the Ingush CPE has not changed. After “torture brigade” Khamkhoev's "torture brigade" had been arrested, two more cases of torture were reported.

Another criminal proceedings have already been initiated. However, the investigation stalled, and the prospects are uncertain. Moreover, in 2018, one of the former employees stated in courtthat the new chief, Ibrahim Eldzharkiev, ordered him to throw a weapon to a local resident.

Despite these testimonies, the latter was convicted of illegal possession of weapons. “The only law here is us. No one is a judge to us, ”- the words of the current head of the Ingush Center of Central Ingushetia, Ibragim Eljarkiev, who was attacked today.

There are no judges, as well as laws, there are only concepts about justice, honor and deserved retribution.

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