sud.12.03.2019On the morning of March 12th, police reported an attack on a courthouse.

The night before, we, Kiev anarchists, undertook an action in support of Azat Miftahov, who was arrested in Moscow.

Once in prison, captive of the punitive system, our comrades should know about the support, usually expressed through concerts, pickets, letters. But even more important is knowing that the struggle continues, knowing that their actions were actually right and reasonable. Whether or not Azat has something to do with explosives and other episodes – he’s guilty in the eyes of the State, as anyone who calls himself/herself an anarchist is guilty in its eyes, and therefore must be punished.

The best thing we can do for them now is to carry on the struggle. Repressions not only encourage us to show support and feel camaraderie but once again show us the paramount need for the complete annihilation of the State. What could be more heartening for our comrades than to know that repressions only radicalized and rallied the anarchist movement, that their captivity is not for nothing, that their work will continue until the ultimate victory of the revolution.

This time we decided to use the method yet unpopular (for such case) among anarchists – attack with rifled firearms. 15 rounds were fired at the windows of Goloseevsky District Court judges.

The location and angle of fire were not coincidental – we’ve taken all the steps to avoid casualties among innocent civilians. Only those could've gotten hurt, who work for the power structures and security forces – no incidental victims.

Free Azat! Anarchist comrades, it’s high time to move from resisting to fighting back! Solidarity and guerrilla greetings!


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