20200727 nova molod police carsOn the night of July 27, 2020 we have set fire to police transport of National Police vehicle establishment. Through this attack we want to draw attention to the fact that we can only defeat police terror if we overthrow the whole existing social order. Since the State hinges solely on police terror.

And it’s the same everywhere, all over the world. There are no good cops or democratic police. There’s only the blue wall of silence, killed innocents and protection of corporate interests for those in power. We just have it in a rougher manner. Because they know their total impunity.

What do we learn about their heroism these days? What have brave policemen done?

Abused elderly, who were selling greens to add a few extra coins to their meager pensions.
Staged a “storm” in Lutsk, when all hostages were already free.
Received numerous awards, benefits and privileges for the war they haven’t fought, where someone else have died.
They raped in Kagarlyk.
Drunkenly killed a child and then got off the hook and were released.

This list can go on and on.

And that’s what their “job” is, their purpose. So they are treated as occupiers, because that’s what they are. Free people will protect themselves, first of all, from those policemen. Monopoly on violence in the hands of the State creates monsters, rapists and murderers.
Surely, the police state will be defeated. Surely, Avakov is a devil.

“The New Youth”

Received via mail from our comrades.

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